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We are all uniquely designed but the key to good health and vitality is finding balance in our mind, body and spirit. When we are out of balance in life, that is when we tend to develop physical ailments. 

Discover Your First Step To Wellness

Through the use of Live Blood Cell Auditing, we  discovered the main toxins that people are dealing with and a method of how to get of rid them, by first cleansing the gut. In order to have optimal health, a person must have clean blood, and in order for a person to have clean blood, they must have a clean gut.  


Natural Solutions For Modern Day Wellness...

Gut detox education, Recipes, and More.


Comprehensive Wellness Consultation


In person

Comprehensive Wellness Consultation

  • Live Blood Cell Audit
  • Dry Blood Cell Audit
  • Zyto Balance Scan


Comprehensive Wellness Consultation

  • Dry Blood Cell Audit
  • Iridology Report
  • Zyto Balance Scan

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Live Blood cell audit

Live Blood Cell Analysis uses a high powered video microscope to evaluate the shapes and other properties of individual blood cells. This is not a diagnostic procedure, but can be very revealing and often point to further diagnostic testing. For our purposes, we  want to view the "terrain" of the blood to get an idea of the "toxic load" and resulting state of health of the client.

The shape and size of the cells, and what is in the plasma (the fluid between the cells), are a reflection of certain types of toxins, nutritional deficiencies, how proteins, fats and carbohydrates are digesting, and overall lifestyle habits of a person.  

A report with pictures of the blood, and explanations of what are found is given. Customized  supplement, detox and nutritional suggestions are given at the consultation and are also on the report to help a person clean their blood. Clean blood is a baseline for good health and fitness. Some lifestyle recommendations might be included as well as other holistic treatments.

Dry Blood Cell Audit

Dried Blood Cell Analysis is a screening tool used to analyze the present condition of the body and its nutritional needs. The technician checks the blood sample for vitamin deficiencies, free radical damage, poor lymphatic drainage, cardiac or circulatory stress, thyroid or hormone imbalance, digestive stress, adrenal stress, calcium or magnesium imbalance, heavy metal levels, and much more. 



Iridology is an alternative medicine technique whose proponents claim that patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the iris can be examined to determine information about a patient's systemic health. Many of these patterns are passed down from previous generations and some can develop during a person’s lifetime. Emotional markers may also be discovered too.




ZYTO Balance Scan

The Balance Zyto Scan is designed to provide an easy-to-use interface that quickly scans clients to determine their biological coherence for a variety of essential oils from the DoTerra product line and other natural health and fitness services. In this consultation we will also look at the organs that are stressed and explain how to support them. 




Program Description

After the client has a Comprehensive Wellness Consultation with Dr. Jacqueline, health coaching is a program that is suggested to help the clients overcome their health and fitness challenges. It is difficult to make changes alone, so having a health coach, allows a client to have accountability and feedback in addition to education and follow up on their progress until their next consultation.

Programs are developed based on the goals the client expressed in their Comprehensive Wellness Consultation and the assessments that were made in it. 

An online workbook with articles, resources, recipes, and more is provided to assist in this process. 

Every meeting is 25 minutes. In the first part of the meeting, Dr. Jacqueline goes over the client's tracking tools in the workbook. Handouts  and supplemental reading, videos, websites, documents and  worksheets may also be may be suggested to help support the client's goals.

Physical health and wellness comes with complete lifestyle changes, in mind, body and spirit, so challenges must be tackled from various angles. During these meetings more of these challenges may be discovered with Dr. Jacqueline and therefore worked on together.

The following are some of the topics that may be discussed in a health coaching session:

o Setting goals

o  Detoxification

o  Things to check for toxins

o  Fasting

o  pH Acid/Alkaline Balance

o  Candida, Parasite and Heavy Metal Cleansing

o All Natural Supplementation

o  Sprouting

o Stress, Emotions & Bach Flowers

o Exercise

o  Finding Balance

o  Shopping on Budget

o  Healthy Recipes

o  Healthy Restaurants 

o  Healthy Places to Shop

o  Holistic Health Practitioners


- Workbook

-Health coaching appointments (25 minutes/meeting)

Whether you are trying to lose or gain weight, have a disease or just desire to have more energy,

Health Coaching can help you achieve your optimal health & fitness goals!

The Life Transformation Program

Our 3 week Transformation Program will give you  a new zest for life


What To Expect 

Week 1: Detox

The first week of your Life Transformation Program you will go through a deep cleanse as you consume the most nutrient dense foods and juices, and participate in our state of the art holistic therapies.

Week 2: Grow

The fog has lifted. On your second consecutive week of the Life Transformation Program the symptoms of detox have subsided and you are striving to fully take advantage of the resources that surround you.

Week 3: Transform

Be prepared to be looking and feeling your best by your third consecutive week of the Life Transformation Program.


Call (510)898-6737 for questions or to schedule an appointment. 


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