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Nutrition for Pregnancy

  • Natural Grocers 1660 West Sunset Road Henderson, NV 89014 (map)

Are you thinking of conceiving or are are trying to conceive and having a difficult time? Have you had a miscarriage and are feeling a little discouraged? There are many couples struggling in this area because their body's are dealing with various toxicities and deficiencies and therefore not ready to take on the challenge of a having a baby. 

This is an event for both women and men because it's not just the women that is the cause of a couple's infertility challenges. There are also many men that have hormone imbalances that contribute to this problem.

Nicole Moore, CHC and our very own, Dr. Jacqueline, D.N.M., H.E.D., C.P.T., would love to help get to the root of pregnancy challenges. 


Supporting fertility through foods, habits, and exercise.
After attending this Nutrition Seminar, you will:

  • Learn about the connection of food, supplements, and detoxification in supporting the body with conceiving

  • Explore healthy lifestyle changes and good habit tips

  • Experience a food presentation, sample, and recipe

  • Support your body in being a healthy vessel for pregnancy