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Mental Wellness Summit: How To Combat the Holiday Blues


About 10 million people suffer from generalized anxiety disorder. During the holidays, this disorder can turn into a major depression for several reasons-unrealistic expectations, overeating and loneliness being some. 

This year, Dr. Jacqueline is partnering with the With Grace Foundation to help anyone that is either prone to the holiday blues or has an interest in being educated on how to prevent them in the Mental Wellness Summit: How to Combat the Holiday Blues.

See the following line up:

1. COUNSELING TOOLS (Rochelle Segura, A Life Experience Counselor) 

* Mother Who’s Mentally Ill Sons and Family)

* How to Heal from Hurtful Past from Family Pains

* How to manager anger, weird talk

* How to prepare and respond during family gatherings

* How to reduce hurtful futures and how to have good future relationships

* God’s Promises

* FREE 1 page handout guide


2. THE GUT BRAIN CONNECTION (Dr. Jacqueline Pascual)

* Understanding Gut Health and How It is Connected To Your Brain and Mental Wellness

* Ways to maintain a Healthy Gut

* Live Blood Cell Analysis

* Diet/Meal Planning

* FREE 1 page handout guide and links to meal planning sites


3. YOGA- Connect Body, Spirit and Mind (Bridgette Loriaux) 

* Why Move? The Benefits and how it is connected to brain health

* Breathing

* Stretching

* Meditation

* Quick 10 minute Yoga Session and incorporate poses that Glorify



* How Aromatherapy Works on the Brain

* How Repeated negative events fire and wire fibers together in brain

* Which essential oils help with the holiday blues


To get tickets: TBA

Later Event: December 18
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