Distant Comprehensive Wellness Consultation

 For many people in this busy world, it is difficult to find time to visit a health practitioner. In addition, there are clients all around the world that may have health challenges that would like a TWT Health Practitioner to help achieve their health goals.

The Distant Comprehensive Wellness Consultation is designed for clients, at the convenience of their homes, to have the expertise of a TWT Health Practitioner guide them to optimal wellness.


Information is gathered about the client’s current health situation with the Zyto Balance Scan. Information is also gathered about what has happened over a client’s lifetime through the Dry Blood Cell Audit. And lastly, the TWT Health Practitioner gathers information about the client’s genetic history through Iridology. All of these reports give a clue of what is happening now, but also give a clue to the energetic, cellular and genetic information that has occurred since the client’s birth.


The goal with the Distant Comprehensive Wellness Consultation is to get to the root of a client’s health challenge, whether physical, mental, emotional or environmental, to design a program that helps the client cleanse their body from toxins and re-balance their deficiencies so they can achieve optimal wellness.

We strive to empower our client’s with specific information about their unique body and provide educational information that can support their total wellness in this audit.

What you get:

-A report with pictures of your eyes and blood and explanations of the signs found.

-Full Zyto Wellness Report with suggestions of DoTerra essential oils to help re-balance the client’s energetic system.

-Supplement, food & possible lifestyle and natural therapy suggestions to help detox and re-balance the client's overall health and achieve their wellness goals.


When this consultation is booked, a slide for the dry blood and the Zyto cradle are mailed to the client. Instructions for how to take the sample of the blood and eye picture are emailed.

There are 2 appointments in this consultation. The first appointment is just to do the Zyto scan.

The client must download the Zyto remote app on a Windows Computer from this website: https://www.zyto.com/products/remote/

The practitioner will do the Zyto Balance Scan with the the client and the client will prepare their own dry blood cell audit slide and take pictures of their eyes for the Iridology Report.

The Zyto cradle and dry blood sample must be mailed back for the consultation. The eye pictures are emailed back to the practitioner. 

The Zyto cradle needs to be returned within 10 business days of the scheduled Zyto scan. Once the Zyto cradle and dry blood sample are returned, the second appointment is scheduled so the TWT health practitioner can go over the reports and recommendations.

If possible, the second consultation will be through a Google Hangout or Zoom Meeting so the client can see the blood, eye pictures and Zyto report live on their computer while the practitioner explains what they find, otherwise the consultation will be over the phone and the client will be able to refer to the report as a reference.

***If the cradle is not returned within 10 business days or not working the reports will not be released.

How much does it cost?