Day 5-Liver Cleanse


So I was debating whether to post this or not and deciding to go ahead anyway, because you guys all need to know what might be hiding in your body that can cause further harm down the road.

These are the stones that moved on my last day of the liver cleanse. I counted almost 300😱 of them and I'm sure I missed a bunch at night!

To most people I live an extremely healthy life. I eat healthy, take high quality supplements, exercise, try to get daily sun β˜€οΈ (although that doesn't always happen), drink clean water, have my time with the Lord everyday, have gals and a purpose in life, etc... Many people were wondering why I was going at it with my detoxing and thought I was crazy saying, "Jacqueline you're so healthy!"

So the question is, why did I have all those stones?! 

Well, there are a number of people reasons:

1️⃣ While I have tried really hard in the last decade of my life to live healthy, it doesn't discredit the fact that the previous 2/3 of my life might not have been the healthiest. Starting from the womb, when my mom was pregnant with me she was throwing up bile, which is what the liver produces and the gallbladder stores to help break down fat. 

2️⃣ Then I wasn't born normally, my mom had a c-section because I was flipped the wrong way, so I missed out on a lot of beneficial probiotic bacteria that a baby gets in a vagibal birth which are much needed for proper digestion.

3️⃣ My father died at 9 years old leaving my family emotionally distraught.

4️⃣ When I was a child I had frequent ear infections which lead to numerous antibiotic treatments, which also disrupt the healthy beneficial bacteria in our gut. 

5️⃣ Throughout my childhood I had all the vaccinations recommended by the doctor until I went to college and we didn't eat the healthiest (many canned and fast foods).

6️⃣ After college, I worked in a smoky environment in Las Vegas for a couple years (and that also was emotionally draining which takes a toll on your health).  

7️⃣ Then I traveled all around the world 🌎 including places like Uganda πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬ and the Philippines πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ which I could have easily contracted parasites and my poor liver couldn't get rid of them fast enough.

8️⃣ Then I was a Vegan for almost 3 years, which caused me to eat a lot of carbs. 

9️⃣ Then in the last few years I have been consuming large amounts of protein powder for my weight training, which I've learned can turn into sugar and too much sugar can turn into unhealthy cholesterol that cause stress on our liver and gallbladder to break down. I also was very stressed as I was trying to go to school, start my business and work a full time job I had to commute 2-3 hours a day, in addition to enduring much emotional stress from other situations.

πŸ”Ÿ Also, I didn't even mention genetic and environmental factors that have also played a role in my toxin bombardment...

Now, hear me out. I did not tell you this to feel sorry for me or to blame anybody for how I was raised (they had no idea those things weren't good) because there are solutions to our health and emotional challenges which I have discovered and gone through many, but my intent is to help you realize that even though you can be doing "everything" you think is right, right now or even for years, to try to be healthy, it doesn't all of a sudden just get rid of all the toxins we have accumulated over our lifetime from the time of conception in your mothers wombs. And sometimes it takes "extreme" measures or other types of healing modalities we would have thought of normally. 

This is why it is better to get things checked up be a trusted natural health care practitioner while you feel "healthy." People can have problems that are growing and not have any idea until it is a really big problem.  

Prevention is the best solution. It's better to know ahead of time what toxic invaders are making a home in you so you can exterminate them before they wipe out your body's house. 

I am so grateful for all the people that have gone before to help me figure out how to discover how to pinpoint health challenges and reverse them. 

If you would love for me to check your blood and see what toxins you have floating around and what organs are stressed and need to detox and rebalance, feel free to contact me at (510)898-6737 or email me at

Have blessed day! Jesus loves you! β€οΈπŸ˜‡

-Dr. Jacqueline