Good Health Starts in your Mouth 👄!


I was on my way to my dentist job and saw this truck!

Good health is definitely related to the mouth especially since it is the beginning of your digestive tract. There is a direct correlation between our overall health and our oral health and vice versa. When we have poor dental hygiene, it can cause problems with health.


The more sugar and carbohydrates a person eats the more plaque tends to build on a person's teeth. Flossing gives less of a chance for the bacteria to form plaque. Bacteria in teeth can lead to bacteria in different parts of a person's body's and so on and so forth. 


Every tooth has a meridian directly associated with different organs, so when the tooth is not health is can lead to health challenges in the correlated organ. 


Metal fillings are also a source of toxicity that can lead to other systemic health challenges such as Alzheimer's. In the process of detoxing, people really should consider replacing those fillings with composite fillings, just make sure that the dentist knows how to properly remove them so the toxic metals do not find themselves back in the blood stream.  


So your smile is much more that those peraly white teeth but a contributer and a reflection of your overal state of health. Keep them clean with all natural oral hygiene products, replace the metal fillings and make sure to floss regularly so plaque and bacteria do not build up! 😁😬