Day 8-Colonic at Clarifying Waters

Hi all! This is day 8 of Paul's and my cleanse and I did my second colonic with Maritza at Clarifying Waters in Redwood City, CA.

Colon hydrotherapy is wonderful for helping speed up the detoxification process. I bought a package of 10 from her and will be seeing her every week or two for a little while. There is no price on your health and as healthy of a lifestyle I live now, I know there is still clean up to be done from the foods I ate and prescription drugs, etc I took as a child. In any event it is always go to do a period cleansing because toxins are all around us-In our air, water, food, houses, clothes, and even stress (which is a whole new blog post in and of itself). 

I recommended doing colon hydrotherapy along with a cleansing program, not only because it speeds up the detoxification process, but it is crucial to get the toxins that are being broken down out as soon as possible, and most of the time people's colons need a lot of help in doing so because their colons are not healthy.

People can become intoxicated with their own toxins that are being broken down if they can't get them out soon enough as they are being released from their organs and bones. This also helps alleviate some of the negative detoxification symptoms we call the "healing crisis."

I highly recommend giving Maritza a call. She is a highly skilled colon hydro-therapist and does a wonderful job making her clients feel comfortable during their colon hydrotherapy sessions. She can be reached at (650)430-8200.