Raw Vegan Walnut Tacos


Here was dinner 🍴 last Saturday!  

Paul and I enjoyed a highly enzymatic meal with tons of nutrients, excluding meat and dairy. It's nice to have meals here and there without meat and we usually do not consume any dairy because it's not really something most people can digest plus all the extra added hormones, etc these animals are given are not good for people to consume. We feel much better without it. 


Here is the recipe:


 Walnut "Meat"

-2 c Walnuts (I soaked mine to release the enzyme inhibitors, which make it more digestible) 

-1 c Shitake Mushrooms

-Braggs Liquid Amino Acids to taste


Bell Pepper Salsa

-1 Orange Bell Pepper chopped

-1 Yellow Onion chopped

-1 Jalapeño chopped

-1/2 c Cilanto chopped

 -Some Orange juice freshly squeeze from a little less than half an orange (lemon would be a better choice for food combining purposes but that is what I had)

-1/2 t Himalayan Pink Salt


Other Ingredients 

 -Romain Lettuce

-Broccoli Sprouts

-Avocado slices



1. Pulse the Shitake mushrooms in a food processor until chopped, then pulse in the Walnuts and braggs Liquid Amino Acids. Set the Walnut "Meat" aside.

2. Mix all the Bell Pepper Salsa ingredients together in a bowl. Set aside. 

3. Lay out the romain lettuce leaves and add the Walnut "Meat," Bell Pepper Salsa, Avocado slices and Broccoli Sprouts.