A Good Protein Bar

No Cow Bars!! I found these protein bars at the Vitamin Shoppe a couple months ago and have been hooked ever since.  It's about time somebody created a protein bar that is not filled with junk and an abundance of sugar. My body definitely does not like sugar as I'm sure most of yours doesn't either. At Hippocrates Health Institute they made sugar seem comparable to a drug. When you think about the effects of it, sugar is like a drug. 

Anyway, these bars are vegan, hence the name "No Cow Bar." These bars generally have around 20 grams of prebiotic fiber and 20 grams of  vegan protein, give or take a little. There is 1 gram of sugar at most, which is most like from some fruit or other natural source because they are sweetened with Eyrithritol, Monk Fruit Extract and Stevia. There are generally nuts or a nut butter but no fillers.

I like them all! Although I tend to stay away from the peanut butter one because of the high mold contents in peanuts.

My only complaint would be that they are not certified organic, but on the whole I love them! 

Here's to a healthy snack!

Have a blessed day!