I'm on an adventure again!!

So, some of you followed me on Facebook when I traveled around the world for a year in 2011-2012, on what I called "My adventure." Well now it's time for a new adventure! After watching some movies about genetically modified foods, I was inspired to go searching for new places to eat where I can get food without GMO's. It was either that, or always make my own food which is nice most of the time but let's be realistic, sometimes it's fun to have a treat! 

This past weekend I found myself and my boyfriend (my new adventure buddy!) at Obelisco Restaurant in Oakland, CA. They claim that everything on their menu is organic, which I found almost too good to be true! Yay, for non GMO Mexican food!


This is what we ate...Let me get this straight though, this is a TREAT DAY and I don't condone all of this every day.

Chicken Nachos

This was our appetizer that we shared. These were not overloaded with too much cheese, chicken or oil, which was nice. At this point, we both took several enzymes to help break down this food, lol. 

Veggie Taco

This was my meal. Being Type A blood, I needed my veggies. The corn tortilla was made fresh and so delicious!

Steak Burrito wrapped in a spinach tortilla

Here's was Paul's meal, which his body can digest much better than mine. 

Anyway, I hope this encourages you that if you are going to have a treat day, search for organic foods, eat for your blood type and take a bunch of enzymes if necessary!!