Thai Style Kelp Noodles

Sometimes is fun to get in the kitchen with a friend and come up with a healthy dish to eat. I have been making these Thai style noodles with Kelp Noodles. The kelp noodles have almost no calories but kelp itself has tons of minerals that a health body needs, including iodine, which is helps support the thyroid.

We experimented with the following ingredients:

photo 2 (1).JPG

Here is what they kelp noodles look like before we added the sauce.

We added the ginger, garlic almond butter sauce that we whipped up, and some other vegetables and lightly stir-fried it in a wok. I am not too fond of cooking food at high temperatures because it kills the enzymes but a light and quick stir fry was nice to soften the noodles a little. You can also put this in a dehydrator and heat it at 105 degrees if you want it raw but a little heated.   

We steamed some broccoli, cut some fresh radishes and drizzled some homemade salad dressing on the vegetables. 

Sorry if I made you hungry but I will be working to perfect this recipe before I give it to the public!! 

-Chef Jacqueline Pascual, DNM