Digestive Enzymes are here!

Almost every person that we consult here at The Wellness Trinity has digestive problems. Much of this stems from the foods we eat. The standard American diet (SAD) is not what God put on this earth for our bodies to be nourished and heal of maladies. In fact it is making people sick and keeping people that way. 

Aside from giving some dietary suggestions, we typically recommended taking a strong digestive enzyme to help break down the foods people are eating so the nutrients can be assimilated much better, as well as not sitting sitting in their gut, undigested and rotting. 

We decided to use these enzymes for the same reason we chose the probiotics-they are a very high quality digestive enzyme that gives us the most potency for your money, and we know it works. People typically need more potent enzymes than what is generally available at a regular health food store. The owners at TWT make sure to take digestives enzymes with almost all their meals and can tell a difference when they do not.

More products to come this week!...