Overcoming Temptations

Where are you getting your strength and power to overcome your temptations as you make changes in your diet and lifestyle to reach your goals? Willpower only goes so far, and then there is God's power. If we want to make lasting changes in our health and fitness, we have to realize there is a greater power controlling of all of this and to rely on His strength to get us to where we want to go.

When we seek God in the midst of our healing and fitness journey, we can begin to see the journey from His eyes and find supernatural rest and power in the midst of trails and temptations. When we get to know how much he loves us and has a plan for us, we can trust that the changes that need to be made will be made and we just need to take the step that is right in front of us first, and that will lead to the next and the next one after, and soon you will be in a place that you would have never imagined. 

In addition, when we seek Him, He does the work in our heart to make things that we shouldn't desire undesirable. Sometimes this can happen instantly and sometimes there is a process we have to go through to get to this point so I encourage you again, to just focus on the first step that He puts in front of you and build upon that. 

When we detox and make changes in our diet, our taste buds and appetite naturally begin to begin to change as well, so have hope in that every time you eat those green vegetables you are adding more power into your bucket. 

In the process of making changes, make sure you also have an accountability partner or two. This battle is won easier in numbers. Accountability partners can be a friend or family member you trust, a spiritual leader, a mentor, a personal trainer, a health coach, etc. Establish the understanding that they are holding you accountable and don't be afraid to let this person you trust know the challenges you are facing, and discuss and pray through these challenges together.

You are not alone! God is with you and will send amazing people to help you along your journey!